With kobi’s new found allergy/intolerance to cows milk which he has through me breastfeeding (bf) I’ve been doing alot of reading. So apparently there are certain proteins in cows milk that babies find difficult to digest which is why weening happens from 6mnths. However when bf the baby receives a small amount of the protein and can make babies allergic to that particular aspect, but not to the breastmilk-if that makes sence. The said protein is then 7x more in formula meaning if kobi has a reaction to my milk he will definitly have a higher reaction to formula. Leading me to decide to bf kobi until he is 6mnths atleast. I never ever would have thought I’d bf at all let alone for this long, and never decide to do it for longer. Guess this is one example of what people mean by a baby changes your life. So I’ve spent alot of time today looking at good electric breast pumps (wohoooo exciting) and guess I’ll be spending £*** on decent one. Hope kobi likes it 🙂 x