Today has been a positive and appreciative day. Kobi has been alot calmer all day. Really think that me not having cows milk is helping so Im going to be keeping this up for my baby. But I really wanted to note down just how appreciative I am today of having a supportive and caring family around me. I know not everyone has this which makes me sad for them, yet even more clingy to the family I have, close and far. I never noticed before, or was to naive too, just how much a baby brings of joy and happiness to not only the parents but everyone in the parents lifes. Since having kobi we have been inundated with help, support, advise and pure love-its been overwelming at times. The journey so far with kobi has been an emotional rollercoaster, but one thing never changes, is my love for him and appreciation of those around me . I love my kobi and I love my family, whether we are close or not, I still love you (yes all 300 odd of you :-))