Anxiety, excitment, scared and nervous is how I felt leading upto today. So this morning I signed up for baby first aid training at the local Children Centre. It was only for 2hrs but I still had to leave with Kobi without me. My parents came over to babysit and whilst I knew Kobi was in safe hands, I guess I wanted him to be good for my parents as it then reflects on us as parents, doesnt it?! Id been spending alot of time with my mum and dad with Kobi so I knew my dad could soothe him if he cried, would change his nappy, play with him and basically everything a baby needs-my dad would do no problem. But gosh was it the longest 2hrs of my life. Time went so slowly when I was away from Kobi. The course was worth it though as I now know a little more about CPR and more relevant, with babies. So when I got home, Kobi was playing and laughing with my dad 🙂 it went so well ny dad offered to have Kobi again this week. So I’m going to leave Kobi again on Friday for a few hours 🙂 think I might go for a long relaxing run/jog 🙂 then come home and have a bath in peace and quiet xx