Now don’t get me wrong, I love my food, and always have. I’d eat when I wouldn’t even be hungry. My stomach would never be given the opportunity to rumble during the day as I’d just constantly eat/snack.

At work I’d be the first one in the staff room when colleagues would bring in cakes. I’d love to try new food and eat out. I’d love the feeling of eating so much that I can’t move and just breathing would make me feel sick. Generally I think you get that me and food have a healthy relationship.

So you’d think that actually being hungry all the time would make he happy? It’s my body for once, giving me permission to eat to satisfy that need. But I just can’t keep up with it. I’m constantly hungry, ALL THE TIME! I eat breakfast, then 10min later, actually not even 10min more like 5min later, and I’m hungry again. I’ll eat a lovely filling three course dinner, then 5min later be hungry again. My normal portion size that I used to have pre-pregnancy just isn’t big enough now but I refuse to increase the portion size as that would be the making of an obese person.

And not forgetting my thirst. I’m constantly thirsty with the desperate desire of cold water and especially whilst I’m BF. If I don’t have a pint of cold water whilst I’m BF then my moutn turns into a desert and my mood turns psycho.

I’ve consulted trust worthy google and asked fellow mums, and apparently this is normal for BF mums as we are burning 500 calories a day just feeding our babies 🙂 Great news, my body is working out whist I’m sitting 🙂 but I need to conquer this hunger problem with healthy options otherwise I will be morbidly obese by Christmas.