Before we had Kobi, I always heard people saying things like ‘when you have a baby your time and life is dictated to by your baby’. I mean really? how can a baby take control over your life? Well I’ll be damned. Wasn’t I wrong. Again.

The more I get into this parenting life the more I’m really not liking the old me haha. How could I be so judgmental and horrible towards parents who were experiencing things that I knew nothing of, yet I still passed a horrible conclusion of?!

My husband and I said that we would never let Kobi rule our life so much that we would take him on silly drives at silly times just to get him to sleep. HAHAHAHAHA. We were very mistaking. My husband did just this last night.

Kobi had a day where he just didn’t feel like sleeping, but wanted to moan about it all day. When my husband came home from work, he stopped moaning about being tired and just wanted to play, smile and chat away to his dad. By 11:30pm after we had started the bath time routine at 6.30pm, Kobi was still awake. So husband took him for a drive! last resort but it did work. Until he came home and we had to transport Kobi from car seat to cot – he woke up. But only had a feed then went to sleep again. Wohoooo! the car drive works! He was then up to start his day at 6.30am 😦 cant say I was impressed – but the day started, and time to do it all over again. Great. This must be love Kobi xx