Every year mother in law and I do a day trip to Birmingham and officially start our Christmas celebrations with a mulled wine (or few) at the German Market. This year Kobi, you got to join us!

We left home at 7am and didn’t get back till 10pm so it was a really long day for you but you were fab. I made sure I packed a warm blanket and out you in your winter clothes to keep you warm as we were out in the elements all day. You loved the train journey on the way to Birmingham, looking out the window and everyone who walked down the aisle.

When we got to Birmingham, walking around the shops, you looked around at everything and everyone too, taking it all in. We met up with Minu and Bal too which was lovely. You had cuddles from us all and I brought you a few new clothes from GAP as a treat.

You really were sooooo well behaved – you made your mumma proud 🙂 makes it easier to take your places as I know you’ll be fine.

So roll on the next one in November 2016………………