Oh yes! the one question that you should never ask a mum, unless you want to die. Seriously its not worth it. Don’t ask it. Ever!

As a new mum, my days of not working to looking after a new born means my days never end or start. They just seem to roll into one long moment of just time. Repetitive yet priceless precious time. So now I’m not going out to work for someone else, what do I do all day long? The question I hear a lot of people asking and men wanting to know. So lets start from midnight for 24hrs, my day (example of a good day) usually goes a little like this:

  • midnight: start to get ready for bed
  • 2:30am: night feed which normally takes about 20min
  • 5:30am: another feed of about 20min
  • 7am: Kobi wants to wake up (I don’t so I bring him in bed with me for a bit until I wake up properly for the day)
  • 8am: start to get ready myself then Kobi
  • 9.30am: Kobi has his first nap of the day for about 30-45min
  • 9.30-11.30am: take Kobi to play group if its on
  • 11:30am: Kobi has nap 2 for about 30-45min. If I’m lucky and he hasn’t fallen asleep in my arms then I can actually do things around the house, or run errands whilst having him in the buggy.
  • 12noon ish: depending on how long Kobi has slept for, he might wake up cranky or not. He then requires constant attention as he cant play along – he wants you to join in. Which I love too 🙂 so we have belly time, singing time, rolling time, and other baby play stuff to do
  • 1pm: Kobi starts getting cranky and wants a feed normally for about 10min
  • 1:30pm: put Kobi in the pram so he can have nap 3 whilst I walk to my parents house
  • 2pm: arrive at my parents home with Kobi for play time
  • 3pm: Kobi wants a feed normally for about 10min
  • 3:10pm: leave Kob with my parents whilst I run back home (my daily exercise, about a 3k run)
  • 3:30pm: I get home, shower, change, clean the house, tidy, put a load of washing on and write a blog if I’m lucky
  • 5pm: Kobi comes home and wants a feed
  • 5:10pm: Have play time with Kobi and stop him getting cranky
  • 6pm: upstairs to start Kobi’s bedtime routine
  • 6:10pm: Kobi is in the bath
  • 6:20pm: Kobi out the bath and starting baby massage time
  • 6:40pm: feeding Kobi
  • 7pm: Kobi has usually fallen asleep in my arms, then I play the ‘move him dont wake him’ game to put him in his cot
  • 7-9pm: Kobi normally then wakes up minimum 3 times between this time for a feed/to be comforted
  • 9pm: usually have my dinner
  • 9:30pm: tidy away dinner and clean kitchen
  • 10pm: put washing away and hang up new load which has been sitting in the washing machine all afternoon, and a general tidy up of the house
  • 10:30pm: Kobi wakes for a feed
  • 11pm: I normally watch an hour of rubbish on TV just so I can have a moment of  non-thinking / non-moving time on the sofa

This is generally on a good day so doesn’t include the times when Kobi is teething or not feeling well or just wants cuddles or has a growth spurt or is cold, or too hot etc etc etc.

Also in between, sometimes I need to wee and poo and there is no-one around to hold/watch Kobi but me. So this then becomes a re-arrangement of furniture in the bathroom before I can even sit on the toilet. Plus I haven’t included when I eat or drink? gosh this really does depend on how much attention Kobi requires. I always have a black sugared coffee in the morning and when I get to my parents house. The rest I try to fit in when I have a moment but I do always make sure I have a pint of water when I’m feeding him.

So there it is! What a new mum of one does all day. Make of it as you will, but I think I, along with all mummies, that we ROCK! 🙂 xx