To my dearest one and only kobi,

I write this for you as a plee but also so I dont forget to get my own back on you when your older.

I’ve just sat with you for 2hrs in your room while you use me as a human pacifier. You finally fall asleep, I put you in your cot, then 10min later you want me again? Well you dont want me, you want my boob again. So I have resorted to eating my dinner, that your loving dad has cooked, in your room with you whilst you use me again 😯 now if this isnt a good example of multi tasking then I dont know what is.

I love knowing that I can sooth you like this as that you find comfort from me. But maybe you could reduce the time so mummy and daddy can atleast have dinner together.

Love you with all my heart and more
Your very tired and drained boobed mummy xx 😍

“newbie family on a journey from coupletoparenthood”