(Now stick with me on this right until the end…..)

My view before having a baby, when I saw ‘yummy mummies’ pushing prams:
Yummy mummies on their was to Costa/Nero/Starbucks or any other over priced coffee shop where they can bitch about how hard they have, how they hate their men, how life owes them. Rubbing in the fact that they don’t have to go to work and have time to waste complaining about the lack of froth on their over priced coffee. A bunch of women who feel superior over others, who are the only ones in the shop who cant hear their own baby screaming. Women to have all the time in the world, whilst baby sleeps, to do their hair, makeup, nails, to watch TV and generally do what they want to do whilst baby sleeps. Oh to the yummy mummies who have all the time in the world – what are you complaining about? a baby doesn’t even talk, how hard can it be? all you have to do is feed baby, then baby sleeps.
My view point now having had a baby, when I see mums pushing a pram:
Hats off for enduring the pain sacking length of time it would have taken to get out of the house with a baby. Whilst you walk towards a shop for a well deserved caffeine boost to help you get through your day, remember to stop, look, listen, and look again before crossing that road, as I know only too well, the blurry vision you see through from sleep deprivation.  Oh hail to meeting other mum’s. Other people who have been through the same as you, that are going through the same as you. A very rare opportunity where you feel confident about yourself: having baby food, sick or saliva over your top doesn’t matter, as everyone around you is the same. No childless people around you to make you feel insecure as they stand is their child free clothes looking immaculate having had at least 6hrs sleep. What a great opportunity to talk about how your little ones are doing, to build friendships with like minded mums, to help each other when one of you is down or having a tough time. A perfect momentary break for you during your 17hr day of unpaid work and not forgetting all the chores you need to do when, and I really do mean WHEN? baby sleeps.

So I salute you, all pram pushers – I SALUTE YOU!