It goes without saying just how much I love our boy and that I would do anything for him (….you know the rest…) etc .

No matter how many books or googling I did to prepare for this experience, nothing prepared me for the intense over whelming feeling of responsibility. From the moment Kobi was born, that was it – we were then in charge of a new fresh life. Every single need, want, support and development was now down to us. We went from being a care free couple to creators who need to constantly develop this gorgeous baby into the person that we want him to be (up to a certain point then no doubt Kobi will have his own opinions) – that’s a bloody HUGE amount of responsibility!

The pressure I put myself under can be unbearable at times and I know I need to just let go and stop measuring Kobi’s milestones against other babies and all those experts charts. I just want to make sure we give him the best start and that he’s being pushed developmentally but in a healthy way. I want to make sure that, unlike his parents, he isn’t left behind with his learning. That he’s not the bottom of his group/class and that he knows he can do anything he wants to do! I want to set the foundation for this now but also find the correct balance to do so.

Trying to find the balance is hard and gosh, hes only 9mnths! We have along road ahead of us and I’m already putting the pressure on?! What I do know is that every moment I share with Kobi is priceless and the amount of love and happiness he brings to our home and life is extraordinary.

(Kobi, always know that the love we have for you is intense, from the moon and back and a trillion times more, to infinity and beyond 🙂 love you our boy xXx)