Whilst pregnant I was always certain that I would return back to work as soon as possible, and of course I would return full time. I’d return in the same frame of mind, same determination and same drive as before. Yet another thing I was completely wrong about!!

I started, as planned, my Keeping In Touch days just before Christmas. Not because I’m passionate about what I do – just solely for the money! I delayed one of them as I was reluctant to leave Kobi knowing he wasn’t taking my milk from a bottle. So when I did leave him, I was a mix bag of emotions: excited to not have Kobi for the day and to get back to what I do, but then I missed him so unbelievably much.

Going back to work felt like I never went away. Urgh! Then I started getting back into the swing of things and everything came flooding back like I never went away. But I was viewing things from a different perspective – things that would previously annoy me just didn’t, people who would previously grate on me, just didn’t. In fact everything about the job made me feel numb compared to the excitement and rush of emotions and feelings that looking after Kobi all day brings. Going back to work was a huge anti climax!

The more KIT days I worked the more I knew I couldn’t go back full time, so I put in to work 4 days a week from April. Until then I just need to keep praying that I will win the lottery and we can have family play time everyday  🙂