Now I know some people will think, this is all part and parcel of being a mum – that you get forgotten. But I know lots of mummies who are still wined and dined by their other half. If not more since they gave birth. In my case, its completely gone the other way, so let me moan for a bit……

My first Mothers Day as a mum:  I’m not going to lie – I was secretly excited about mummies day this year for obvious reasons, I was now a mum myself. I was curious as to what exciting things my husband was going to get me or what he had planned for the day? what was I going to get from Kobi? were we staying in? were we going out? was I having my nails done? a massage maybe? maybe a relaxing spa day?

In reality, what I got was Kobi up every two hours throughout the night and in the morning, a mothers day card, with a romantic husband saying ‘you want to go cafe for your mothers day present?!’ Mmmm how can I refuse. Now normally under any other circumstance I’d jump out of bed and be there in a flash-but really on mothers day-my present is a fry up at our local?! Yes you read clearly – I had no present, just a fry up at our local! When we got back he left to go to his friends to work on his motorbike! Once Kobi went to sleep (and just for the record I wasn’t given a night off the routine)  hubby produced a three course meal (Waitrose 2 Can Dine Meal) that took ages for me to eat as I had to keep running up and down the stairs for Kobi who kept waking up. Not KObi’s fault at all. But the day felt just like any other, being the main person looking after Kobi.

My first Birthday as a mum:not sure why I was excited about my birthday/wedding anniversary given how rubbish mummies day was, maybe I just like to set myself up for disappointment?! Hubby was asking about my birthday a week before, if I was working? and could I get a day off? this my little bit of hope that we had planned something I guess. But no! We both had the day off. He woke me up with an anniversary card, no birthday card, no card from Kobi, no prezzies! We went to watch Captain America (good film), walked around town, then came home. I had a nap, then hubby had a nap till 9pm! By then, I was too annoyed that the day had been so crap, so I went to bed. Alone!

I cant lie – had the worse first mummies day and rubbish birthday/anniversary ever! I don’t expect a diamond ring, or designer handbag, but a little something from Kobi and hubby would have been thoughtful. Even my favorite chocolate bar would have been appreciated. From now on, I’ll just organise my own day – at least then I know I’ll be happy!