It’s been such a rubbish start to the year in terms of family members and close family friends passing away, being sick in hospital or having to move to nursing homes.

We went to Brighton to see Aunti Rose (who’s husband passed away in December 2015) as she moved into a nursing home with dementia. Was sad to see her in the home, she looked frail and distant, we couldn’t speak to her much as understanding her was challenging due to her stroke. She seemed to really like seeing Kobi J Kobi was really well behaved as normal, sadly think he’s getting used to visiting people in homes and hospitals L moments like this make me want to cherish every moment I have with the people I love and care about – after all we’re along time dead.

We didn’t get a chance to wonder round Brighton this time as we went to Aunt Brui’s house for lunch then went to see Aunt Rose but we didn’t take the car so had to buss and train it everywhere L that’s was lonnnnggggg. But Aunti Bruis lunch was worth it, we were stuffed when we left. She’s a lovely lady and Kobi really took to her J

This was another long day for Kobi so by the time we got home, we were all shattered – but another dad of making memories as a family! xXx