Now I know we are nothing special, I mean people have been having babies for centuries and not making a fuss about it! Parents have been parenting for a lot longer than we have and not writing about it all the time. People have more kids than we do and still not doing what we do. But that’s their choice and this is ours……..

So when asked why am I doing this? or when people want to question why I do this? The answer is simple! I’m doing it for Kobi. So when he is older, he can see his life develop from a baby. So he can read my stories and my viewpoint on things at that time, when it happens, real time thoughts and moments. So he can get to know his parents from a different perspective. So if, for any reason we are not around to see him through his life, he will always have memories from us and know that we love him. This is our diary for Kobi, it just so happens to be online and for you to see too.

So if you still question why and moan about it, ‘unlike’ us – honestly we really won’t mind xXx mwah!!