Your first Fathers Day – funny enough was like a normal day. You woke up with mum, mum got you ready, mum gave you breakfast, mum played with you whilst mum cleaned the kitchen,  mum gave you lunch, mum gave you dinner, mum did the bed time routine, bath, milk, bed and waking up a few times at night – mum did. You had nice cuddles with your dad and played with him during the day. We spend the day at your aunti Nin’s house and we had a lovely BBQ – where you ate loads – and made us proud. You didn’t have an afternoon nap so you were cranky by 4pm when we went to see your aunti Sharon after her operation. You seemed to have had a great day playing with your crazy cousins 🙂  riding on a trike for the first time (and loving it).

Sad thing – was that I felt guilty for not buying your dad stuff from you to celebrate father’s day properly. But hey my first mother’s day was rubbish and I got nothing so swings and roundabouts and all that!