The countdown is on, the final days on the run up to the European Union Referendum – do we stay in the EU or do we leave? I have to say I haven’t really done a great deal of research for either argument so I’m still on the fence. The only argument I keep hearing about is from racists who want to discuss immigration and ‘keeping the country white’ and ‘close our borders’. Blah blah blah!

But I do know if we leave the EU, things will change dramatically as its venturing of into new territory – managing our own affairs. If the MP expenses and banking fiasco has anything to go by in terms of misuse of taxpayer’s money, this country won’t be standing for long!

So an exciting week ahead for politics and the UK!!

(KOBI – In mums simple words, the EU is made up of 28 European countries who join together to form a single market, helping trade goods and people to move around more freely.  Membership to the EU is based on free movement and to leave would mean a visa to visit and loss of trade, higher prices for business and lots of other stuff that I’m unsure about J I’m sure if we leave the EU, by the time you start secondary school this might even be a discussion from your teachers in class)