(but not for too long as I’ll miss you soooooooooo much)

I might live to regret this, but, Kobi before you settle down and one day start a family of your own, utilize and appreciate all  the freedom you have.

School/collage and uni can be great to educate you for your chosen profession but life experiences are priceless. The world is a huge place, but with travel costs and availability being easily accessible, the world has become smaller – grab the chance before its to late.

Your dad and I will try and teach you about the world and prepare you to stand with confidence and strength but we can’t teach you what to see, feel and experience. Go travelling, meet strangers who become friends, do things outside of your comfort zone, push yourself further (but safely), taste foods that you’ve never tried before, walk in the shoes of someone who’s path would not normally cross yours, hold your hand out to help others but never expect something back, be respectful to everyone and embrace different cultures and communities.

We’ll give you a kick start and lead by example, we’ll take you on holidays and push you  to go further and outside of your comfort zone, then when your old enough, don’t be afraid to take the step into the world without us! You’ll learn so much, and have so many stories to tell us when you come back.  xXx