WOW I cant believe its been a year already! I know people say this all the time but time really has flown by. So much has happened in a year, I’ve experienced every emotion possible, and learnt so many new things about myself. My little Kobi has taught me so much in his one year of life, than I have taught myself in my 32yrs. Kobi here are some of my thoughts and highlights, looking back over your first year with us:

  • When you were born, the first time I saw you, I saw your feet, and thought bloody hell your feet are big 🙂 lol
  • Your dad and I would change every single nappy together for the first few weeks of your life, not too sure why other than teamwork 🙂
  • You used to only have naps during the day whilst being held. Most of the time I loved this as I would fall asleep with you on my chest
  • Half the time whilst you slept on my chest I would catch up with Dexter (series about a serial killer-hopefully this has not affected your development or future profession ha ha ha)
  • When you were about 3 weeks old your dad I were changing your nappy in your room, and your wee’d twice and projectile pooed  before I could get a nappy on you, and all over the cream carpet your dad had fitted a few weeks prior
  • Seeing you grow so fast and develop everyday was amazing and I hated and I really mean HATED going back full time missing out on you grow
  • I miss your baby smell, very occasionally you still have it, but the true new born baby smell has gone 😦
  • The first time you laughed was when I said ‘Ian’ in a really bad Jamaican accent. You found it hilarious, and so did we
  • Hearing you in your cot talking to yourself is the best alarm EVER!!! I have no idea what you are saying, but its magical and puts a smile on my face instantly
  • I love your laughter – it makes me feel naturally high and blessed to have you
  • Laughed and loved that you started to crawl backwards, yep backwards
  • Your obsession with footballs is crazy, every round object you call a ball and every football you see from a mile of

Honesly Kobi I cant tell you just how much love and joy you bring to our life. Love love love you sooooooooooo much Kobi, you’ll understand the true amount when you become a father one day too xXx