Now if you asked me if I wanted to go to Butlins, Bognor Regis before being a parent, I would have probably laughed and asked if you were serious?! Now being a parent brings a whole new perspective on holiday locations and breaks.

The family holiday was thanks to Aunti who wanted a break with us and Aunti Tita’s family before she gets too ill to go anywhere. So three kids in tow, 5 adults, 2 push chairs, 1 wheel chair, and 2 car fulls, we descended on Bognor.

First impressions – wow! its a huge venue, with so much noise of both screaming kids and slot machines, an array of bright colours blast the what would normally be a boring shell of huts and concrete but once I go over that – I knew it was the right place to go with the kiddies and looked forward to what was to come.

Kobi had a blast. We tried where we could to stick to his routine but seeing as we were on holiday, there was some flexibility. We went swimming, watched a crazy (fake Lazy Town) show, spent pointless change on slot machines, went on fairground rides and walked along the pebble beach.

It was a great chance to spend family time and see Kobi and his cousins interacting. He loved Joseph and spend most of the time watching him and laughing lots at anything Joseph did. Kobi and John on the other hand?! we need to work on their relationship. They didn’t take to each other and spent where they could, hitting each other.

It was a different kind of holiday than what I experienced before being a parent.No sleeping in, going out late and spending all evening drinking and dancing. Yes I still did the drinking, but not to get drunk. I spaced it out during the day/evening and enjoyed the evening in our apartment with a glass of wine (once Kobi was asleep).

The definition of the word holiday has changed significantly since being a parent. It doesn’t mean the same as before, but it still provides me with relaxation, peace and love.

Seeing Kobi smile, laugh and get excited at all the new things and new adventures, made the holiday for me. I could have been in the worst place ever, but being with Kobi and hubby is what makes my holidays complete.