We’re lucky to live where we do as we have some great places near by, and easy access to venture out further.

We went out to Godstone Farm, which I’ve wanted to do for a while with Kobi but jut thought he was too young to take it all in.  Now hes getting older he recognizes different animals and notices a lot more, so it felt like the right time to take him.

He spent the first 20min awake, then slept for the next 90min?! So hubby and I had a lovely day seeing all the animals lol. When Kobi did wake up he got the chance to play in the sand pit – in fact this was the first time he had seen or experienced sand. I love sand between my toes 🙂 so obviously I was uber excited to get Kobi in the sand 🙂 as a family we all really enjoyed it, for different reasons. Kobi seemed to enjoy soaking in the new environment, playing with sand and seeing all the other kids. And as parents, our enjoyment comes from seeing Kobi happy, smiling and embracing his surroundings.