It’s true what they say – having a child really does change your life. Things that I took for grated before, like time, suddenly flashes past you and time becomes more precious.

Time has become the core focus of my days and planning to use the time effectively becomes harder and harder. So whilst I take a moment to reflect, here are a few things I say RIP to, and embrace a new way of living and managing time:

  • Being house proud and making sure everything is clean, clear, presentable and in place – not really caring and if I’m lucky, once a week making sure the house is presentable 
  • Cosying up to the hubby and putting a film on at 10pm – now replaced with, once Kobi goes to sleep at 7:30pm, cleaning up after dinner, clearing his toys up, putting clothes away, hanging clothes up, getting work stuff  ready for the next day, having a cuppa tea and then BASH its 10pm and getting ready for bed.
  • Wanting to drown my week by downing a nice bottle of Merlot on a Friday night – embracing the full bodied taste of a glass of two on a Friday night whist fighting back my tiredness but determined to finish the glass before I go to bed (at 10pm)
  • (at home) Going to the toilet with the door shut – now wanting to go to the toilet, then planning it out, making sure the hallway is safe for Kobi to play in then going to the toilet with door open so I can keep an eye on him, then spending time on the toilet telling Kobi ‘no’ he cant sit on my lap right now! urh!
  • Running or doing a hard intense HIIT workout leaving me sweating buckets – (because of my back problems) I now do gentle pilates where I hardly break a sweat but apparently helping me rebuild my core and strength 
  • Going out in the evenings for a nice  meal , you know the ones where you find yourself still in the restaurant 3hrs later- replaced with popping out for a bit for a bite to eat (literally a quick bite)   
  • Making sure I’m showered, that my hair are make up are right, my nails done and outfit matches – getting out of bed and throwing anything on, grabbing hair wax and pulling together a tight ponytail in the hope I’ve created a semi botox look. Then leaving the house and realizing I’ve put 2 wrong socks on and not blended in my foundation so there’s still noticeable smear marks all over my face! doh!      
  • Spending all my money on ME ME and more ME – buying Kobi all the things I think he needs, plus more stuff that I would just like him to have  
  • Just chilling at home, on my sofa, watching daytime pointless TV – playing Bo and singing with full energy and happiness a whole album of nursery rhymes that I object to

the list really can go on, but for now! that’s all folks 🙂 x