OMG! Sleep training!  One of the most confusing, information bombarding, controversial moments of parenting so far! Everyone does it differently, there is no right or wrong answer, and it will work out eventually but the journey to find out what to do is putting me off already.

Don’t get me wrong, Kobi hasn’t slept through the night EVER! and hes nearly 15mnths, so I am in desperate need for more sleep. In fact we both are. Kobi for his brain development and me, so I can have more energy to be a better mum, wife, house cleaner and worker. And I know I need to train him to be able to self settle but come on internet give us mums a break.

How am I meant to find out which direction to go in when everything out there contradicts everything else……………….cry out method, gentle approach, dream sleep, the fading sleep method, the pick up put down method, the chair method, pick up and console method………………….Then when you find the right method make sure you do it when your baby is well, , not ill, not teething, not learning new things, not got a belly ache, not had an eventful day, not learnt anything new that day…….blah bah blah………! 

I’ve exhausted the internet so far and all I’ve done is created brain of spaghetti. So when I do know where I’m going with the sleep training – I’ll let you know!