Even just those two words BACK PAIN doesn’t really make the necessary impact to the person listening/reading of what back pain can really do to someone and their quality of life.

Throughout my pregnancy I suffered with Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP) and learnt how to manage the pain. What the triggers are, what do to to manage the pain and how to life with it. However my relationship with PGP was only meant to be short term – only whilst I was pregnant and I always made it clear with PGP that it can DO ONE once I’ve had the baby.

Anyway to cut a long story short. Kobi is now 14mnths and I’ve been signed off work for the past 4weeks due to my back pain. It’s getting better now which is why I’m able to sit and type this but its been a difficult and hard time.

The pain has really never gone since giving birth but its been manageable so I’ve been getting on with it. Lesson one! Don’t do that! Pain is there for a reason – its telling you that something  is wrong. But I ignored it and went about my day to day life.

Then bang! and I mean BANG! all the over the counter medicines started not working, the muscle rubs didn’t work, everything from walking, sitting and moving just hurt, and I mean REALLY hurt as in water in the eyes hurt! This just went on and escalated hence why I went to the doctor in the end and been signed off.

Treatment: been seeing my doctor for pain management but also went to see a private Consultant who thinks that there was an under lying issue that was there pre-pregnancy and pregnancy just bought it out. Just waiting now for an MRI scan to determine the cause of treatment. I’ve still been seeing the same Chiropractor that saved me during my pregnancy, got pain killers that take the tip of the pain off, back to wearing a support belt, been doing physio exercises, and made slight adaptations to my life to help manage the pain.

I still can’t hoover let alone take it up and down the stairs, cant lift anything heavy, cant walk or sit for long periods, and have to really be self conscious of my movements all the time. So simple tasks like going supermarket shopping, walking to the high street, lifting Kobi in and out the bath or his cot really takes it out of me and later in the day the pain really starts to show in my lower back.

I’m slowly rebuilding myself physically, but I still have work to do on my mental acceptance of not being able to do what I’m used to doing, and this can be so frustrating. Feeling like an old lady and then having to live like an old lady is hard when your only 32yrs old!

For those that have not experienced bad back pain, and I don’t mean the odd period pain back pain, I mean life changing back pain – count yourself lucky. And don’t roll your eyes in dis-belief the next time you hear someone suffering with actual back pain problems.