Like most new parents, trying to find the time for one another without baby can be really difficult and not really a main priority as your all adjusting to one another and finding your new grounds as a family.

The early days for us were a blur and it took a while to adjust to parenthood.Its a huge change in life compared to just being a couple, so much more to think about and focus tends to be about baby – and quite right so. But its also SO important for the sanity of the parents and a happy household for parents to have time for themselves without baby.


We did in the early days try to go out in the evenings for dinner or to the cinema but I just found it emotionally difficult to leave Kobi knowing that he will need me (well actually my boobs), so we changed our evening dates and to daytime date days πŸ™‚

I find the day time date days a lot easier for not only childcare, but also as parents we as more alert and awake during the day so we enjoy the day and each other more. Β Kobi still gets up 4 times in the night so eveningsΒ are still difficult for us to go out but I guessΒ this is just a small amount of time compared to the life ahead we have together.

Check out what we get up to on our date days by searching ‘date days’ in the drop down or just scroll through the blog xx