In a reflective mood today – maybe because I’m missing Kobi a lot today, having spent a long weekend with him? I don’t know but what’s comforting me is to know that he’s in safe and loving hands.  So I reflect on feeling blessed and thankful for having amazing childcare arrangements for Kobi.

It’s such a huge decision to make and so many options available (all come with a price tag of some sort )  nursery, childminder, friends, family, working part time, full time, job share, not to work…..blah blah blah.

I can only speak for myself and I’m not knocking anyone else’s decision on childcare options but for me, I feel blessed to have the right balance for Kobi and us as a family. He has one day with my parents, 2 days with my mum in law and 2 days with a fabulous registered childminder.

I don’t object to full time nursery or full time childminder and it’s whatever suits individual family needs, but for me and our family it was really important that we have a balance of grandparent time as well as a registered childminder.

Going back full time wasn’t my ideal option but we have that thing called bills and a life to pay for so full time it is J It was hard at first going back full time, but on days like this when I miss him so unbelievably much, I feel comforted to know that Kobi is being looked after by people who love him and care for him.

I know grandparents have a secret unsaid duty of care for their grandkids (lol) so I go on to be thankful for finding such a fab childminder, I couldn’t ask for more.

#Feeling blessed and thankful