With a difference! with the year that we have had I was really looking forward to spending Christmas Day just with Kobi, dadda and myself, in my pjs with bottles of wine.

We did this for half the day and then went to my sister in laws for Christmas Lunch. Aunties health hasn’t been so good and she needs to start dialysis soon so a bit of family time this Christmas was important as time is against us all.

Trouble being, with a toddler who is still so excited to walk around and go up and down stairs a billion times -meant me and dadda were just following Kobi round light a lost chicken for most of the time. So I didn’t get a chance to talk to everyone and felt quite isolated. But I have to keep reminding myself that this is only short term and I’m only doing this once so suck it up! lol.

Not sure whats up with Kobi with his cousin John but from a young age Kobi just loves to bully and pick on him. Shame really as John is such a quiet and placid toddler – I feel so bad for him. Generally the kids had a nice time playing though 🙂

We were home by 9pm so still got family time and chill out in the evening which is what we wanted anyway. Christmas day done for another year! wohoo!