Thursday evening in December 2016, call received from daddas mobile. Ladies voice asking ‘Hi is this Seema?’ My heart was beating out my chest already. I instantly thought the worse as this is the call I have always dreaded every time dadda is on his motorbike.

‘Lurwin has been involved in a road traffic accident. Paramedics are just assessing him before they move him so we don’t know which hospital they will be taking him too. He is talking and there’s no blood. A car did a u-turn in front of him and he went into the car. We will call you back as soon as he is in the ambulance’.

ARHHHHHHH!!!! my body is screaming and heart is hurting! my poor hubby! I don’t usually pray but god did I pray HARD!

I called my dad straight away to come over and look after Kobi and went into ‘weird mode’. Put Kobi to sleep, then cleaned and tidied up the house, tided the kitchen from dinner, tided Kobi’s toys, anything to keep my mind and me moving and distracted from my over active thoughts.

It was an hour before the police called to tell me dadda was taken to St Georges. ST GEORGES! that was it! in my head dadda was worse than what I was being told! Why would they take him to St Georges if he was ok?!

Anyway in the car I went and  called everyone who needed to know. I found myself telling everyone that he was ok, trying to reassure everyone but in reality trying to convince myself that he was ok.

Got to resus and there he was. Neck collar on and oxygen mask on, stripped naked down to his boxers and all his belongings cut up in plastic bags 😦 I couldn’t have been happier to see him, speak to him and kiss him but he wasn’t right. He was talking but extremely confused, forgetful, scared and incredibly shaken up. It always gets me to see a grown man cry 😦

The docs did what they needed to do he was one extremely luck man the doc’s said. The police arrived and said the same thing “how he is not worse is amazing”. Daddas comfort was believing his dad was looking over him that moment – thank you to my gorgeous dad in law for protecting his boy, my man!

He spend a few days in hospital being accessed for his head injury as he took a heavy blow to the head. He was not right! even when discharged, and at home, he still wasn’t right.

Lucky indeed his injuries are not worse, but recovery has been very slow and I just pray the damage is not long lasting and reversible.

Will I let him get a bike again? that’s not my decision to make. I would like him to not have one, but I wont ever stop dadda from doing what he wants to do. Life is too short to have barriers stopping you doing what you want to do – but on the other hand I don’t every want his life to be cut short!

We’ve spoken before about this before and if anything happens whilst dadda is on his bike or motorbike – then  dadda wants us to know hes doing what he likes to do and to be reassured that hes happy.

But hey its always better to write and read it, then to deal with it if (god forbid) it happens.