Life can be a b**** sometimes right?! I fully understand the life cycle: born, live and die! But 4 funerals in one year is just too much. Sadly the older generations of my family are all coming to the worrying age where this is going to happen, and no doubt there will be more to come 😦

The pain and sadness doesn’t soften when someone is older, it doesn’t soften knowing they had a full life, it doesn’t soften when you see loved ones in pain of grief. Its always going to be a hard process to go though. But once we go through it once, then another train wreck hits!

I can only  cling onto the loved ones we have, and live and share moments that will last in my memory forever.

To my Kobi: Live life with those  who you love and who love you! don’t waste  time with people that bring you down, cos its true = life really is too short!