Week after week for what seems to be the past year we have had one thing after another. I guess with a family of over 300 people this would be inevitable but its just seems like there’s bad news, negativity, arguments and things going wrong all the time recently.

My mum always says she gets ‘bad news always on a Thursday’ so when dad called me on Friday to say mum had been taken to the hospital as she was unwell and her speech was blurred, I took comfort in thinking of what mums say, and its Friday so she will be ok!

But it didn’t make the journey home or waiting to hear how she was any easier. Poor mum, alone in London, ill and surrounded by people who cant understand her as her speech was too slurred.   She was taken to UCL in London as she was in Central for an appointment. A mini stroke was confirmed, and thankfully no lasting damage to her physically.

When I collected mum and dad from the station, never have I been so happy and relieved to see my mum, and then both my mum and dad walking hand in hand together.(My parents aren’t the most affectionate people so this is a big deal)

People say you never know what you got till its gone! Well I had a glimmer of this tonight with mum, and I never want my mum to go anywhere! The thought of her not being around sickens me, as it would do to most children about their parents.

Yes we argue and bicker and wind each other up, and I bet there are times she would rather not have me moaning at her but this is family love! I love her with all my heart and she can never be replaced!

She carried me and cared for me since birth, she looked after me when I was ill, gave me chocolate whenever I wanted it, and never wanted me to be sad. So now mum, my turn to look after you and make you happy!