Wohooo! Its only taken 18mnths but I have now mastered the art of doing this!

Whilst off on Mat Leave I hardly ever slept when Kobi slept as there was always a billion things to do (well that’s what I though then, now I thing I was stupid for not sleeping then)

Then I went back to work full time when he was 9mnths so couldn’t sleep when he slept during the day, unless I wanted to get the sack.

So now, I’m so frigging pleased to say at 18mnths old!!! I now sleep when he has his nap at the weekends 🙂 and by god is this a well deserved afternoon nap. I even mix it up a bit, sometimes on the sofa, sometimes in my bed and sometimes I take the duvet in Kobi’s room 🙂

Sleep when he sleeps? OK I certainly will!