So you hear lots of parents talking about routine, how its important and how it should be instilled early on in life. Everyone does it differently and there is no right or wrong way! Its just what works for each family. But the journey to find a routine that works isn’t often that easy.

I spent a lot of time finding out a routine that works for Kobi and us and we’ve adapted it so much along he way depending on his growth, development, the day hes had, if he poorly or teething etc. But the basics are:

7am: Kobi will wake up and play in his cot independently

7.30am:   I’ll get Kobi for morning cuddles, change him, get him dressed for the day and bring him downstairs

8.30am: Breakfast time

9.30am: if its a club day, then Kobi will go to the club otherwise out the house for what ever activity we have planned that day

10.30am: Snack time

11.30am: Lunch

12-2pm: Kobi will have a nap in his cot (or in his pushchair if we are out)

2.30pm: Snack time or another lunch if hes having a hungry day

4pm: Snack time

5.30pm: Dinner then pudding time

6pm: Playtime which always includes reading a couple of books

6.40pm: Upstairs and bedtime routine starts (bath time, brushing teeth, massage, pj’s and water)

7pm: Kobi in his cot ready for bed

7.30pm: usually by now Kobi is away in dream land

Up until 18mnths Kobi was still waking up 3/4 times a night for milk but since I’ve stopped nursing he sleeps much better during the day and through the night! Wohooooo!