(I’m going to generalize now so don’t shoot me)

Being a women! In a nut shell is a hard bloody task! Not only do we have the physical aspect of being women, the monthly blood loss that bring the emotional roller coaster of hate through to tears, the stereotypical imagine that we should all cook, clean, iron, washing, maintaining the home with a floral clean breeze, whilst still looking radiant like we just walked out of a salon (haha never in my house).

We also have the emotional stress we put ourselves under. Am I too fat? Am I too thin? I want bigger boobs, I want her hair, I need her handbag in my life, I wish I had…blah blah blah. Why do we do this to ourselves?

As much as I often moan about being a women and always fighting my own insecurities, our bodies are amazing! And actually ‘amazing’ is an understatement!

What are bodies are designed to do is far greater than a man’s. We can grow an amazing baby in side of us, our bodies grow to accommodate the huge space needed, our body adapts through childbirth then our babies can feed from our loving bosom’s. Internally our bodies are working in overdrive to bring new life whilst still trying to look after ourselves.

As women we create so many insecurities and obstacles to just appreciate our bodies as they are, we are always seeking to be something else or look a certain way – but let’s just take a moment every now and then to say THANK YOU to our phenomenal bodies!

Happy mothers day everyone – whether you’re a mum or not, we all have one, who is bloody amazing! and who are responsible for housing us and giving birth to us all! Appreciate them, and yourselves!