Terrible 2’s they say? really? 2? What about 18mnths?! I thought I had a while to go yet – but appears kids start everything early now, well at least Kobi has (I think. Unless this is nothing and its just going to get a load worse!).

The tantrums have started! Kobi can very confidently , proudly, and quite likes to say ‘no’ with his pointy finger poking in your face.

‘Do you want dinner Kobi?’ ‘no’ followed by stopping on the floor, shouting ‘more’ whilst pointing to his dinner, because surprise surprise, he wants dinner!

‘Do you want to go out Kobi?’ ‘no’ followed by shouting and back arching whilst I’m putting his jacket and shoes on, ending in him grabbing the keys and going to the front door shouting ‘go, go’

‘Do you want to go night night Kobi?’ ‘no’ followed by 5min later Kobi snoring and dreaming away.

My answer to resolve his tantrum quickly- ‘Do you want to go and see nanna Kobi?’ followed by an obedient toddler, with his listening ears on and not a tear in sight! Hahaha!

I do love my dad, this relationship is priceless and we are so blessed to be near by to see it grow.