The boy never stops! He has an appetite just like his folks but he does surprise me with how much he stuffs into his little belly 🙂 He shovels food into his mouth like I’m going to take it away 🙂 then looks like a hamster until he chews it all.

It’s funny as family and friends have picked up on how much he eats and questioned if we need to limit his portions.

My view: he’s a growing lad and will eat as much as he needs to eat until he’s full. Very much like breastfeeding when you feed on demand – I’ll do the same with his food too. He knows what he wants and doesn’t, hes not obese and has never thrown up form over eating.

So you tell me, does he eat that much? on an average day Kobi will eat the following:


Bottle of water, 2 bowls of rice krispies/weetabix with soya milk, 2 slices of toast, 1 soya yogurt


Drink of water, Fruit, Packet of crisps, Biscuit


Drink of water, Ham sandwich/bagel, Cucumber, Crisps


Drink of water, Bowl of fruit, Toasted teacake or bagal


Drink of water, Stir fry chicken noodles with veg


Drink of water, Soya yogurt, Bowls of fruit

At this rate he’ll make me broke from just funding his appetite! lol 🙂