MY GOD does this man wind me right up! He knows EXACTLY what buttons to press to get my blood boiling; he gets me so mad I feel like exploding!

His trail of stuff from the front door means I know he’s home and exactly where he’s been,

His lack of knowing where the dishwasher is, in our tiny kitchen makes me doubt if we actually have one?,

His lack of knowing how to use a bin, still surprises me,

His interpretation on ‘being quite like a mouse’ leaves me wanting to order hearing aids for him,

His selective hearing is amazing, leaving me to wonder how do I get selective hearing like him?,

His stubbornness and strong mindedness, makes me want to throw him out the window,

His lack of knowing where the hoover, polish or sink is, leaves me questioning does he really live in the same house as me?,

But through all the annoying, infuriating little things that annoy me chronically, he’s still my best friend, my soul mate, my lover, my enemy, my partner, my true love and so proud he’s my husband. He makes me feel safe, secure, pretty, and loved. Having been together for 16yrs we know each other too well. I love him unconditionally and will always been here for him and our family, through the thick and thin – we’ll carry on creating memories and living life, together, forever!

To my hubby – you infuriate me, but I still love you! We’re still like spag bol and always will be!