I know all parents say this, and I’ll say it too, god is he growing up so fast. He’s really developing his own strong personality, and leaning new words each day. It’s amazing to see how confident, assertive (bossy) and direct our little boy is lol.

  • hitting the sofa saying ‘mummy mummy’, guess that means I have to sit there
  • mummy mik (soya milk) whilst pretending to drink
  • mummy mummum (word for food)
  • mummy drink
  • mummy ny ny (night night)
  • mummy wee wee (whist grabbing his willy)
  • mummy poo poo (whilst hitting his bum)
  • mummy go go (whilst trying to open the front door and saying bye bye to me)
  • mummy NO! mine! (mummy stealing some of Kobi’s food)
  • mummy out (whilst pointing to the garden)
  • mummy bike, out der (guess that means you want to play on your bike out there, outside)
  • running in my bedroom, grabbing my hand, trying to drag me off the bed saying ‘down’
  • mummy, yaya juice (wanting me to make him a fresh banana milkshake)

I don’t take orders very well but from our little boy? He can order me about every minute of the day and I’ll love it!! And will also miss it no doubt when he turns into a grumpy teen 🙂