Before Kobi I would always frown when I saw parents who sat there kids in-front of technology to keep them distracted. I’d see the parents chatting away, laughing, joking and paying not much attention to their little bundle of joy who is sat beside them glued to the mobile or ipad.

I remember being in Egypt and every time I went to dinner in the hotel I would see the same family of three, parents eating and enjoying one another’s company, whilst their daughter would be sat next to them watching cartoons on the ipad. Watching this I felt like it was wrong, but now? I’m contemplating getting an ipad for this very reason.

Its great spending time with Kobi of course it is, talking, interacting and having family time, but sometimes there are those moments, when we go out to a restaurant for a family meal where I want Kobi to sit still for 5min. Times where I want to start, AND FINISH a conversation without being interrupted by a toddlers attention. Does this make me a bad parent? Wanting to use technology, to some degree, babysit my child for a short amount of time? I’m not sure.

So I’m at a cross road now. Do I get an ipad, download cartoons and educational kid apps etc so when I’m out and about (and I won’t take it out all the time) Kobi can have something that keeps him still, quiet and focused for a bit of time? So I can finish a conversation and actually take part in social settings without the need to run around the venue after a toddler? Gosh even just writing this makes me sound like a lazy mum, but honest I’m not.

But also as a positive learning development for Kobi, the future is all about technology right? So if I get the latest gadget and Kobi uses it – then surely I’m helping him develop his tech skills right? (yep, I think I’m trying to justify it now haha)

I don’t know! I guess technology can be used as a positive and negative, it can help ‘babysit’ a child in your company but can never replace parenting of course. I’ll carry on reading what fellow bloggers/parents have done and what works well but I am swaying towards the tech!