our journey, in our words, for our baby, with love x

About him, me and where baby began

Me – a happy, selfish, chilled lady always fighting with my own insecurities. I enjoy running (but don’t be fooled into thinking I’m any good,I just enjoy it) and the attempt to always lose weight, however I’m relaxed and comfortable in my 71kg curvy body.

Husband – in my opinion, a gorgeous, stubborn, fit cyclist who, whilst he can seriously can annoy me and is my everything from love to…eeeerrrrr not so much love, hes always the one I admire and look up to. I feel blessed to have found him, and that together we compliment each other. (However lets just keep that between us.)

As a pair – we are both perfectly matched, we’re like spag bol, cheese and pickle, jelly and ice cream, cookies and cream – we just fit. We lead a very selfish life style, and we know we do. We’re happy about it. Its whats make us us. We do what we want to do, when we want to do it and how. We’re at a place in our life where we are content, relaxed and looking forward to exploring life together.

Until…….Sunday 7 December 2014. My last period was roughly about a month ago with no signs of a new one coming anytime soon. I never miss a period so kind of thought something was up. My husband and I were going shopping that day anyway, so while we were out, we went and got a few pregnancy tests.  As soon as we came home the first thing I did was head to the bathroom and did a test.  I came downstairs stairs with the test, placed it on the sofa, turned it over and made myself a cuppa (I do love a cuppa). When I came in to the lounge I was nervous to look at the test. But I did and there it was – pregnant. I did two more that evening and 1 was positive again but another was negative?! Was this a glimmer of hope?

The week ahead was then a roller coaster of emotions and more pregnancy tests just to be on the sure side:

  • 8 December 2014 – Did 2 pregnancy tests, both positive
  • 11 December 2014 – Did 1 pregnancy test, came back positive
  • 13 December 2014 – Did 1 last pregnancy test and it was positive

So guess that was that then, I was pregnant and we were going to have a baby, arhhhhhhhhhhh!! So much for the selfish, carefree life I was so used to. And that’s when I started writing everything done and blogging our journey. If anything at least our baby could have a look at his life in pictures, videos and read our thoughts on the internet when hes older.



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