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Kobi’s Milestones

Since the moment Kobi was a little kidney been inside of me, hes obviously been growing rapidly. Keeping a track of his key milestones can be difficult but I hope to note down as much as I can here and will keep you updated on social media too:

  • Confidently (and rudely) using the word ‘no’ at 19mnths
  • Sleeping through the night for the first by 18mnths
  • Top two back teeth poking though by 18mnths
  • Climb on everything he can by 14mnths
  • Taking his first few steps from hubby to me at 13mnths
  • 6 teeth, 4 top and 2 bottom by 13mnths
  • Crawling forward by 12mnths
  • First tooth popped up at 10mnths
  • Crawling backwards from 10mnths
  • First ear infection with a trip to the hospital at 8mnths
  • Sleeps in his own cot (and not spending half a night in my bed) all night from 8mnths
  • Moved the cot down as Kobi like’s to try and pull himself up at 7mnths
  • Being able to lift his body up with his arms from 7mnths
  • Had his first cold at 6 1/2 mnths
  • Started sticking his tongue out all day and night from 6 mnths
  • Started interacting and loving books from 5 1/2 mnths
  • Started sitting with a little help by 5 1/2 mnths
  • Obsessed with his feet from 5mnths
  • Started weaning at 5mnths
  • First laugh during  week 18: in the lounge with my husband and myself over the name Ian. Kobi found it hilarious. Check out the video on Instagram
  • Sitting in the Bumbo from week 17
  • Can hold his own head up unsupported by week 17
  • From week 16 Kobi started to reach out for thing near him
  • By week 16 Kobi was wearing 6-9mnth clothes
  • From week 14 Kobi found his hands to his mouth and has not stopped sucking/licking and trying to fit his whole hand in his mouth
  • Took him out the Moses basket into his cot from week 8
  • Slept in his own room from week 5
  • Belly Cord fell off on day 5
  • Trying to hold his head up from day 1

Keep an eye on this page and see it grow along with Kobi x

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