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What other people (mainly parents) say….

One of the triggers to really annoy me (to say it nicely) has to be when people (mainly parents) say stuff like below. This has always annoyed me over the years not just now that I’m pregnant and will be a parent myself.  For some unknown reason, I just don’t understand why other parents feel that its OK to say some of the comments below to non or upcoming parents.

Parenthood is not a competition and certainly not something that I will dream of using to prove a point or as some sort of hierarchy over someone else’s existence. Shamefully there are a lot of people out there that do, and they say mindless stupid things like:

  • “Sleep when baby sleeps” yes easier said than done and everyone tells you this. But when baby sleeps is when I want to have a shower, or pluck my eyebrows, or watch pointless stuff on TV (unrelated to baby) or met a friend without baby, so no sleeping when baby sleeps is a stupid suggestion
  • “When you have kids you’ll understand” understand what exactly? that your STILL a twat? You don’t have to be a parent to understand looking, listening and watching things to then cast your own opinion. And those who say this comment, how do you know if the person you are saying it to, can even have kids, to which you just made that person feel really shit about themselves – well done!
  • “Having kids gives you a purpose to life” well your life might have been rubbish before having kids but mine certainly wasen’t. I had a purpose before, and now I have another one.  
  • “I live for my kids” I can be really annoying and literally take this word for word and say no you live because your body is working hard to stay alive.- did you not do science a school?!
  • “My kids are my life” Again technically your kids can not be your life. You life is YOUR life, but you can do things to provide a great life for your kids.
  • “I never had problems throughout my pregnancy/s” WTF?! really?! talk to the hand as I really don’t believe you, you liar.
  • “When are you having a baby” when I tell you I’m pregnant god damn it! I hate this question and have heard it a billion times.
  • “They must be having trouble getting pregnant” This has to be one of top bitchiest comments I’ve heard. How dare people thing its ok to pass such an awful judgement on others. Its no-ones business.
  • “Your pushing on a bit now, you should really think about having kids quickly” To which I would love to reply with “your pushing on a bit now have you taken out a health insurance policy?” Either way, both comments are rude so why would people say it.
  • “I knew you were pregnant” really? I didn’t see you in the room when we were having unprotected sex?
  • “So whens the next one?” to me this is as bad as saying “when are you going to have a baby?” its none of your damn business and how do you know the person can have another one?

No doubt some parents will still continue to say stupid things to me, so I will keep this page open and update when they do.


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