our journey, in our words, for our baby, with love x

My First Trimester


    5 January 2015
    We had our dating scan today. Was feeling quite anxious about this, even thought I had done 7 pregnancy tests, that’s not to say that something could have happened in-between from then to now and maybe there would have been no foetus? But the day of the scan was here and god was I nervous. It was either the beginning of acknowledging just how much our lives will change and how my body will change, or the night where I can down a bottle of my favourite Merlot and pass out.

    Walking into the waiting room of the maternity ward I instantly felt out of my place. When we went into the scan room and the lady rubbed the gel on my belly, it all seemed very very weird. This kind of stuff I see on TV and have heard others talking about it, its not meant to happen to me!? Not ME having the gel rubbed on MY belly. But oh my when I saw my little kidney bean (not me being mean, check out the scan picture) on the screen I reverted to a child and burst out laughing uncontrollably, to which the kind nurse said that she can’t complete the scan and take the measurements she needs if I’m laughing as my stomach muscles are then contracting. Bless her! After calming down it all seemed real. I remember looking at my husband as he was watching the screen and his facial expressions were a mix of amazement, peaceful and relaxed – I thought, yeah, this is going to be alright. I always knew he would be a great dad one day and now it’s happening. Oh god the first moment of ‘shit it’s really happening’!!!!!!!!

    8 January 2015
    First Midwife appointment – blood pressure was a nice 120/80 but gosh were there a billion questions. which was lonnnnnnggggg. It took one hour of being asked a billion questions about mine and my husband’s health. But over all there was nothing to worry about, blood pressure was spot on, health was fine and I’m classed as low risk which is reassuring. So onwards and upwards I guess.


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