our journey, in our words, for our baby, with love x

My Second Trimester




Week 13
9-11 February 2015
My first cold without medication………and boy was it hard. I’m normally the type of person that reaches for the medicine straight away when I start feeling ill and I’ll run around drugged (legally), eating comfort food and really trying anything to keep my battery going. But not this time. This was my body shutting down saying no drugs – recover normally! No more of what I used to do and focus on a healthy recovery for baby. After I suffered for a few days with a cold I was back to my old self, and getting excited as we were planning a family announcement at the weekend with both families

Week 14
15 February 2015
So we planned to have both sides of the family round for a Sunday lunch as a catch up as no one had really seen each other since my sister and sister in law had their new babies. So that was our excuse. Anyway we had everyone round and I was really nervous as I thought my tummy was really obvious (it really wasn’t). My husband had printed and ironed the baby scan picture on one of my black vest tops and I wore this under another top. Anyway once everyone had lunch, my husband then announced the real reason why we wanted everyone over was, (then I lifted my top to reveal the vest top with the scan picture) and he said we’re having a baby to which there was a moment of pause, I think where people were shocked, and my sister was like really? Really? And then got up and screeched like she does bless her (love it when she gets so excited ) This was a real ‘shit its happening’ moment for me. Everyone was happy and congratulated us except my mum – who in true mum fashion, just said ‘oh really I can’t believe it’ and didn’t even bother to get up to give my husband or I a hug, it was almost as if she just didn’t know what we had said. Don’t get me wrong it’s not like I was hoping everyone would jump for joy and cry with happiness but I expected a happy reaction from my mum.

16 February 2015
Let the wedding stress commence again!! So less than 24hrs since we announced that we were having a baby, family stress starts to take place again. Is this really the start of my pregnancy? Another stressful situation during a time that should be the most happiest? As well as our wedding I am NOT having my pregnancy be a stressful time, if anything for the babies sake.
17 February 2015
Today was a positive and energetic day so decided, as I was working late anyway, to go for a run before my evening meeting. Weather was perfect; sun was shining with a small chill but a good run/jog up Denby’s and back again. But on my way back along the main road, not sure what happened but tripped and fell forward. It all happened in slow motion as I remember thinking ‘oh god….baby’ then had enough time to consciously think about not letting my belly hit the floor and to keep my hands/arms out. Which I did and then embarrassment crept in as all the cars drove past. Luckily I was near work, so went straight into the shower to wash the blood and debris from my knees and hands. Even after the shower I was still bleeding so patched it up with bandages before going to my meeting to which I was 30min late for. As soon as I arrived at the meeting, to a room full of grumpy faces, I let them know I was really sorry, but I’m nearly 4mnths pregnant and fell whilst running – instantly their faces changed from anger to sympathy/concerned. My first glimpse of pregnancy power.
One of my work colleagues who was at the meeting last night was shocked when I arrived at work today and was asking if I was ok. That encouraged others to ask what happened, so I told them that I fell and given that I’m nearly 4mnths pregnant it took me by surprise. If there was ever a moment when I wished I could have recorded a moment, it would have been now. Everyone was shocked and surprised and kind of stared at me to see if I was telling the truth or not?! Then the penny dropped and everyone was so happy and kind. Another moment of ‘shit it’s really happening’.
Week 15
The start of my 2weeks off, to use up all my annual leave. The first week I was off with the husband and the second week was to myself. Any other time I would have been over the moon to be off with him but oh deary me was I evil. When I say bad mood, that would be an understatement, it was more like being possessed by the devil one minute, then wanting his cuddles and affection the second minute. Completely bizarre. I even went to the chemist and asked if there was anything I could take to regulate my moods – to which the MALE, yes MALE pharmacist had the cheek to say to me ‘no sorry, it’s just the pregnancy’. As I was in a bad mood I thought what the hell does he know, but then again what do I know. I haven’t done this before.
Anyway this lasted a few days on and off and then I felt back to my normal self again which was a relief for both my and husband.
The second week off was much better, I treated myself to a haircut and dye, manicure and pedicure, dentist (free of course, another benefit of pregnancy) and signed up to our 4wks antenatal/parent classes.
Had our second midwife appointment this week too, blood pressure was surprisingly 110/95. Considering I’ve been a stressed emotional wreck all week this was a good result.
Antenatal/parent classes started on Saturday 7-28 March. It was a 4wk course, every Saturday from 9-2pm. Lonnnnggggg. The first one I took my mum too as my husband was working (and I booked onto the course late so he couldn’t change work). The course was good but a very long day of talking about baby stuff. Plus my due date was the last in the class so others were a lot bigger than me. (We only went to 2 classes lol)

People say you can’t feel the baby until 20 weeks plus blah blah blah, but they also say every pregnancy is different. I’ve been able to feel the baby since 16/17 weeks. Its feels like a flutter in my belly, similar to feeling nervous/hungry but different so I know it’s the baby. It feels so nice feeling the him move around and I just imagine he’s having a whale of a time rolling around, kicking, punching, somersaulting etc. At the moment, I feel him move at least twice a day, normally in the morning and evening when I’m still in bed. He was a strong little one to even make it to nesting in my womb, and now I can feel him already – I really do thing he’s a super strong baby.

Week 18
Spent two days working in our Kings Cross office this week and gosh was I in pain. Just the travel was knackering and by the end of the day by lower back, pelvis and hips were in excruciating pain.  By the end of day one I stopped off at the New Look in London Victoria to see if they had some supportive flat trainer things that I could put my special realignment insoles into. Luckily they did, I got a pair, left the shop with them on my feet and boyyyyy were they comfortable.

Week 20
The day we find out what the gender of the baby is- scan date 31 March 2015. Wohoooooooo he has a willy! Not that a girl would have made me change my mind or anything, but I’m floating on air now. I’ve always wanted a baby boy, and always dreamt that I had a son, so now it’s happening! I’m sooooooo excited.

In celebration to this I think my husband’s gone crazy! We were watching TV and I could see him looking at our fire place. We have previously spoken about removing it talk was all it was. I went for a wee, and this is significant so you can understand how quick I was. By the time I came down stairs he had a chisel in his hand and he is digging the fire place out. This was just the beginning of what I didn’t know then, would be 4mnths of building work in the house plus decoration.

Week 21
Sick, sick sick! Normally pass me the drugs and I’ll solider on with work etc but not taking drugs, has thrown my body into helplessness and this really threw me for a week.

By the end of the week, I started to help my husband out with the building work. He removed the fireplace, filled the whole up with bricks, then decided he didn’t like it so removed them all again. Erph!!!! I thought I’d be helpful and help remove the bricks from the lounge to the garden, but I could only manage one brick per hand, and had to really concentrate on walking and my posture. This was probably the first time it really hit me just how weak and pathetic my body had got and will become weaker during the pregnancy. I’m used to lifting and moving heavy things with my husband and working as a team, now I can’t, and it really feels like I’m distant from him. Even more scary and worrying to know that I still have a long way to go mentally and physically.

Baby boy wasn’t moving too much for a first few days whilst I was ill and I hated that void feeling. It made me more and more nervous about him and his health and how me being ill had affected him but then when I started to feel better guess he did too, and I started to feel him more made me so happy

Week 22
Had my first physiotherapy appointment this week for the Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP). It was ok, same old really and didn’t tell me anything that Youtube hasn’t told me already lol. There was 6 fat pregnant people in the class and I swear most of them were just obese rather than pregnant lol.

We did have a family function in Southall to attend this week that I was really looking forward to as I missed out on so much of family life throughout my teens,  but we had to send our apologies as the PGP was just too painful for me to walk and move.

Week 24
So it’s been a week since the Physiotherapy Appointment and I’ve been doing my exercises every day religiously. Had to go back to the hospital for a check up which was somewhat pointless. They just checked to see if we could remember and have been doing the exercises, and what other things we could do/put in place to help us. The trouble is everything they suggest is unrealistic. Suggestions were:

  • To not sit for more than 20min
  • To not walk for more than 20min
  • To not hoover
  • To not carry anything up stairs
  • To not sit in front of the computer all day
  • To have hot baths everyday
  • To wear a support belt (that we have to buy)
  • To wear the free body tubby grip (which is hilarious to try and get into when your curvey)
  • To not go shopping all day
  • To not push the shopping trolley
  • To not walk up and down stairs and to take the lift
  • …….and lots more other unrealistic life changing things.

It’s all very well saying these things but in everyday life how are these possible?! I’m living in a building site (and it really is, check out the pictures), my husband is busy doing so much with the house and is constantly knackered, how can I also say to him, you need to do all the housework and things I used to do on top of building work and working full time! Not possible and I’m not doing it… I will continue to monitor the pain and see how it goes, even if it takes me 30min to walk up the stairs with the washing basket, I will do it!

Work wise my job details were being finalised with HR ready for recruitment. I had to decide when I’ll be back and plan it all out, and erhhh the ‘shit this is really happening’ feeling came back again.

Also had another midwife appointment this week and everything was ok again, my blood pressure was 110/65. I did mention my PGP again but there was no further help/advise given to me.

Week 26
My birthday week, our wedding anniversary week and the passing of my father in law. This is the second year and still a raw mixed bag of emotions, but with pregnancy hormones thrown in too, it’s a little more difficult. Had a nice birthday though, sun was shining, had a manicure and pedicure in Croydon in the morning, came home to chill for a bit, then had lunch with my dad and husband. Mum’s still in a mood with me and the rest of world so she didn’t join us. Baby boy has been moving more this week – he loved it when I had the pedicure – think he liked the vibrations from the back chair/massager.

He has some regular times of movement now so at about 8am I can feel him having a good old stretch, then again at 5-6pm when I’m driving home and 12 midnight he wants to play and kick my insides. I’ll keep monitoring this and see how it develops.

My husband had organised a lovely evening watching a show in London but by the time the evening came we were both exhausted so gave the tickets to my mum and dad thinking they would both enjoy it together – but only dad went. PGP was playing up today though so glad we didn’t go to the theatre as I’m not sure I would have been much company with the pain.

I have been experiencing indigestion for a few days and have been putting off buying tablets for it, but I gave in this week and got Rennie tablets, Much to my husband’s dislike – he ideally doesn’t want me taking tablets etc and I understand why of course I do, but I’m also not a drug addict. I need comfort and if that means Rennie – then Rennie it is. And surprisingly I slept well the first night I took it – no indigestion.


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