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Pregnancy Related Issues & Advice

So I’m no doctor so cant advise professionally but, what I can do is share with you what I went through during my pregnancy and what worked well for me, and what didn’t… this is what my body and I experienced……..

Pelvic Girdle Pain early on from about 16weeks I had to change my lifestyle a lot. I used a gym ball to sit on in the office and at home. I wore a support belt all the time to help reduce the rotation of hip movement, visited a Chiropractor up to twice a week, worked from home one day a week to reduce the amount of time I was sitting driving

Random mood swings from screaming anger to the wimpiest crying ever I started to just accept this in the end. When I cried during Cowboy Builders I knew I lost my balls when I became pregnant.

The pregnancy waddle (which I think is a counter balance of the PGP) every pregnant person has it. Don’t worry it goes when you have the baby.

Leaking nipples from 24weeks (oh joy) These weren’t bad enough for my to wear breast pads but, I did have to release some of the liquid in the evening as they became really sore and tight.

Indigestion from 27 weeks Rennie Rennie and more Rennie. I starting having them all over the place, in the car, handbag, next to my bed, in the kitchen in the office. Literally everywhere.

Braxton Hicks Contractions from 30weeks These felt like small, very small contractions that would make me catch my breath one minute, then be fine the next. But they did get significantly worse closer to the time of my labor.

Swollen hands and feet to the point that I can’t wear my wedding rings from 30 weeks Check out some of my pictures on Facebook, My feet were really bad and by the end of the day they would hurt so much I would be crying. Probably didn’t help that during this time there was also a heat wave so my feet were even worse. I ended up having them in a bucket of ice and even then it wasn’t enough to relieve the pain and swelling.

Sleep deprivation from a kicking baby and not being able to get comfortable from 27 weeks but this settled down from 35 weeks as then his baby home got a wee bit tighter.

High blood pressure from 34 weeks This was being monitored by the doctors and hospital every few days as my blood pressure wasn’t coming down. Even the day I went into labor I was at the hospital in the morning being monitored.


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